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20 years of experience in the exhibitions market, 25,000 clients, 350,000 square meters of exhibition&##39;s construction, 450,000 square meters of metallic construction, 30,000 square meters of outdoor construction, one company…Protasis.

With seat of operation in a central point of Athens, 3,000 square meters of stocking spaces, privately-owned lorries and a perfectly skilled creative team supported by specialized technical personnel, Protasis is the company that, with consistency and knowledge will cover all the needs of projection of your services and/or products in the world of exhibitions, conferences or any other corporate events.

Protasis undertakes the construction of exhibition stands with aluminum profile, specifically and exclusively designed by its team, as well as the design of special construction exhibition stands using any preferred material and supervises the whole process, beginning with the conception of the idea and the creation of a 3D model up to its completion. The creative personnel of Protasis, remaining informed regarding the increasing, new market needs listens to the requirements of its customers and in collaboration with them, determines the best plan for their satisfaction. The technical personnel of Protasis continuously secures the excellent and rapid materialization of this design and remains present throughout the duration of the event giving immediate and effective solutions to any unscheduled needs, if and whenever these arise.

Protasis, with respect to its customers, provides always the highest quality services to the most accessible prices. Being reliable, effective and competitive it has achieved to regularly record in her clients&##39; list some of the biggest companies in Greece.

Each of its customers is faced personally and individually. Following a professional, briefing appointment, Protasis&##39; personnel proposes and applies solutions and techniques that suit absolutely the special needs of a company. Whether you select a standardized type of exhibition stand or a special construction one, Protasis will secure the originality and the functionality of your projection.

Experience, know-how, creativity, practicality, consistency and economy. With these characteristics and a given disposition for collaboration and optimal effectiveness, we invite you to explore the pioneering world of Protasis in  


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